BMW Inspection 1 and 2

Posted on: April 2, 2013

BMW Inspection 1 and 2BMW Inspection 1 and 2 For Maximum Reliability, Economy and Performance
BMW Inspection 1 and 2
have been created by the BMW engineers to keep your car running like new and at peak performance and economy and with the least amount of possibility for a breakdown.

One principle you always need to remember. For every dollar you spend on maintenance for your BMW, you can be saving up to $8 in expensive repairs and parts replacements because you are preventing parts breakdown by keeping up with your maintenance. BMW repair is expensive. Maintenance is cheap and keeps your car reliable.

Preventive maintenance is the key factor in vehicle safety, longevity, and efficiency. The car owner invests a great deal when they purchasing a BMW. But more than just style and performance, BMW motorcars are well known for their long life. And the single most important thing you can do to keep your BMW running like it was still new for many years is to keep up with your oil changes and regular maintenance.

The return on your investment for regular BMW maintenance can only be accomplished with meticulous adherence to vehicle Factory Scheduled Maintenance Requirements like BMW Inspection 1 and inspection 2.

On most European Motorcars the guess work of Scheduled Maintenance is simplified by vehicle maintenance reminder lights or warnings. It is imperative that these are not ignored or disregarded. Each Manufacturer has their own Scheduled Maintenance Program designed to best suit that specific vehicle and its requirements.

The Proper BMW Service and Maintenance
Factory Diagnostic Equipment And Tools

Your first step (and most important one) is to take your BMW to a European auto repair specialty shop who has all the BMW factory diagnostic equipment and tools to properly service your automobile.

European Auto Service, with 2 locations in Boca Raton and one location in Aventura FL, has been performing BMW maintenance, service and repair for 33 years and uses the same factory diagnostic equipment used by the BMW dealership without the high dealership prices and hassle. European Auto Service is completely qualified to do your BMW Inspection 1 and your BMW inspection 2.

Be careful. If a shop is not equipped with the proper factory diagnostic equipment, like Auto Logic or Launch (and most independent repair shops are not) they cannot properly service your BMW vehicle. It is also good to look for European Service Affiliation like Bosch. European Auto Service is a fully Certified Bosch Authorized Service Center.

BMW Inspection

The BMW Inspection 1 service is your first BMW scheduled maintenance service. It includes basically all of the items that insure safety and full functionality of your vehicle. BMW Inspection 1 costs in the $200 to $300 range depending on the BMW model you own and vehicle mileage.

The CDS Light (condition based services) reminds you when service is due and which inspection is relevant at that time. The items requiring inspection are listed below. Be sure to use an original equipment sanctioned oil filter and Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Service Reminder Lights must be reset to insure continuity.

BMW Inspection 1 – Undercarriage Services:

  • BMW oil change and filter – top fluid levels, rotate tires
  • Check transmission fluid and look for leaks
  • Check rear axle boots
  • Change air filter and cabin filter
  • Check exhaust system and components
  • Check all lights and flashers
  • Check for leaks in steering system
  • Check tires for wear & tear, nails and age
  • Check wheel alignment indicators
  • Check brake components pads, rotors and sensors
  • Clean brake pad contact surfaces
  • Lubricate caliper pins
  • Check suspension components for wear or excessive play
  • Check steering system linkage front axle joints
  • Check BMW brake and clutch system connectors lines and cables
  • Check tire pressure and correct

BMW Inspection 1 – Engine Compartment Services

  • Read out diagnostic system with Autologic Scanner
  • Check all fluids levels and condition (top off if necessary)
  • Check anti-freeze protection level
  • Check windshield wipers
  • Check hose and belt condition
  • Check instrument panel for warning lights
  • Pressure test for coolant leaks
  • Check battery and charging system
  • Check BMW AC Freon level
  • Check for poorly fitting filler caps and seals
  • Reset Service Indicator Light

Proceed and do a general BMW inspection of body components/seat operation/seat belts/mirrors/horn/signals and flashers/trunk release/door handles and latches/interior lights/ac blower and internal temperature/heater and defrosters.

Final step is to test drive the vehicle and confirm proper operation. Be sure vehicle passes all BMW Inspection 1 component tests.

BMW Inspection 2

BMW Inspection 2 is a major service interval. This is where you really have the opportunity to ensure vehicle longevity and protect your investment. BMW Inspection 2 includes all of the items in Inspection 1 along with some extras that are important to the life of your BMW. You can expect to spend between $950 and $1200 depending on the particular model of your car.

BMW Inspection 2 – Additional Procedures

  • Flush and change all hydraulic fluids
  • Change spark plugs
  • Change fuel filter
  • Service fuel injectors
  • Replace thermostat
  • BMW air conditioning system service – evacuate and recharge

By following these BMW factory scheduled maintenance service steps you will have many years of quality operation and reduce your repair costs dramatically. Remember European Vehicles require more maintenance then most – but can give you the greatest pleasure and resale value. Let European Auto Service help to ensure your driving pleasure and efficiency.

FREE BMW Car Condition Inspection With Every Oil Change

BMW Inspection 1 and 2And remember this, when you come to European Auto Service in Boca Raton or Aventura FL, every BMW oil change comes with a FREE BMW car condition inspection. That way, you are keeping a regular eye on the condition of your BMW to help eliminate breakdowns, save gas money and feel at ease about the condition of your fine BMW motorcar.

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