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European-made vehicles are known for requiring diligence when it comes to their designed maintenance schedules almost as much as they’re known for performance and luxury features. Following your car’s routine services will go a long way to preventing costly repairs and helping you enjoy your car for as long as possible. While service is important, more important than that are the mechanics you have tending to your vehicle. At European Automotive Service your car will reap the benefits of dealership-quality services without the high costs or hassles of actually visiting the dealerships.

Making Maintenance Easy

Conveniently located on Glades Road in Boca Raton, FL the expert mechanics at European Automotive Services have decades of experience working with European cars and can help with everything from standard service appointments to large body repairs and installing replacement parts. We currently service over a dozen of the most popular European brands including:

For each of these makes and models we use the latest tools and equipment to offer all of the proper services including:

The Difference Experience Makes

At European Automotive Service our mechanics have the years of experience needed to perform quality repairs and faster services than the dealerships. Oftentimes dealerships will have one master technician with younger, less experienced mechanics making up the bulk of the staff and handling your vehicle. Instead of dealing with incomplete services or overlooked trouble areas let our team of highly trained mechanics make sure your car gets the best service in all of Boca Raton.

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