Audi Oil Leak

Causes for Oil Leaks in an Audi

Posted on: March 10, 2019

Audi vehicles are some of the highest in performance all across the globe, making them one of the most desirable luxury cars on the market. Though Audi vehicles are prized and valued all over the world, they can still run into normal automotive problems from time to time – even if you take exceptional care of your Audi.

Understanding how to prevent an issue such as an oil leak is an important step to take in preventing them. Audis aren’t particularly prone to oil leaks; however, like any other car they can run into oil leaks under certain circumstances. In this article, we’ll go over the most common causes for oil leaks in Audi vehicles, and what you can do to combat them.

Points of Interest When You Experience an Oil Leak

Oil leaks can occur due to any number of reasons, and in several different areas of your engine. It is essential to find the root cause of the oil leak to prevent further damage and keep the problem from occurring again. Plus, it can be a total hassle to deal with a messy oil leak when you least expect it. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you suspect an oil leak in your Audi – though some are avoidable, some are just simply par for the course:

  • How old is my car?
  • Has my Audi reached its peak mileage yet?
  • How diligent has my oil care routine been over the years?
  • What type of oil have I been using in oil changes? Has anything changed in recent days or weeks?
  • Am I putting too much stress on my engine when I drive? How can I go easier on my car?
  • Is my car under a lot of stress frequently? (Such as driving in heavy traffic conditions every day)
  • Have I let any concerning symptoms go over the years?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions to think about when attempting to diagnose an oil leak appropriately. Furthermore, answering these questions can help you provide your Audi with the proper level of care going forward, making your best attempt to prevent oil leaks throughout the years to come.

Common Causes for Oil Leaks in Audi Cars

Some root causes for oil leaks are rather simple and easy to treat, while others require a higher degree of work and elbow grease (no pun intended). Though the list is not comprehensive, here are the most common causes for oil leaks in Audis:

Oil Pan Punctures

Oil pans can easily become damaged or punctured by road debris, and if this occurs in your Audi, it is crucial to replace the part immediately. Your Audi won’t go very far with a punctured oil pan, and it will create noticeable, serious performance issues.

Loose Oil Cap

When you get your oil changed, it is the mechanic’s job to ensure that the oil cap is tightened appropriately. This prevents unnecessary spillage of oil, which can mimic an oil “leak.” Mistakes happen occasionally, but this should be a rarity if you bring your car to a trusted Audi specialist.

Ill-functioning seals

Your Audi’s oil runs through a pressure-reliant system, keeping the oil intact and from winding up on the ground beneath your car. Some parts that keep the oil from exiting the system are the seals, valves, and gaskets. If any of these parts is warped or corroded, it’s only a matter of time before you experience a leak.

How to Care for Your Engine Oil Appropriately

Oil leaks are often avoidable with the right maintenance and care. There are certainly helpful guidelines you can follow to help reduce the risk of oil leaks and spillages, and it starts with hiring a competent Audi expert to attend to your ongoing service needs. Here are some other tips on how to keep your oil from leaking:

  • Check your oil level and quality regularly
  • Follow through on your oil change schedule designated in your Audi maintenance schedule (this can be found in the car’s manual)
  • Be sure to change your oil filter each time you change your oil – this keeps harmful debris out of the system, which can lead to premature seal corrosion
  • Don’t let concerning engine performance symptoms or oil leaks go unattended to

Audi TTS Mark II Coupe

At European Auto Service, we know the importance of engine oil for your Audi; after all, they’re our area of expertise. With three locations (Aventura/Miami, Boca Raton East and Boca Raton West) we offer expertise services throughout the area to Audi drivers. To schedule an oil change or inspection, please contact one of our specialists today.

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