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How Spark Plug Failure Can Affect Your MINI

Posted on: September 22, 2018

MINI vehicles are known for their vigor, efficiency, and impressive performance abilities. For a car that measures up to half the size of many road-going vehicles, these tiny little cars are a force to be reckoned with. However invincible a MINI can make you feel, it’s important to remember that MINI cars are not immune to some of the same issues that all drivers tend to experience over time as their vehicles age. One such common issue is spark plug failure. Spark plug failure is a serious issue for any vehicle, let alone for a MINI that relies heavily on the power it exerts to give drivers the satisfaction they crave in this high-performance vehicle.

In recent years, spark plugs have been developed to be able to withstand rougher conditions in an effort to decrease the intervals of replacement. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that spark plugs wear at various intervals regardless of how well they’re designed and engineered due to extenuating circumstances such as unique driving conditions. In this article, we’ll talk more about spark plug function in a MINI and how to address signs of failure.

Warning signs that your spark plugs need servicing

It is critical to remain constantly aware of how your MINI is performing – this can give you vital information about your spark plug functioning. Addressing issues with your spark plugs is critical because it can save you a lot of money in extensive repair work later on. Here are the common signs of spark plug failure that you should be on the lookout for:

Ignition failure
Spark plugs are essential to the ignition process, which will suffer greatly if they wear out. If you have trouble getting your MINI started, or you can’t get the engine to turn over, the problem may be related to failing spark plugs. It’s important to note that ignition failure could be related to a component of the ignition itself, so a differential diagnosis is always an important first step.

Engine misfires
When your MINI’s engine misfires, it can be alarming and very concerning, and rightfully so; engine misfiring is concerning on multiple levels, as it can cause strain to other engine components necessitating extensive engine repair. Spark plugs are a likely culprit of engine misfiring, although the problem could also be related to other common issues such as oxygen sensor failure.

Acceleration issues
As we mentioned before, MINI cars are tiny yet mighty; at their finest, their power rivals some of the fastest vehicles on the market today. If you begin noticing any decrease in your car’s ability to accelerate quickly, or notice hesitation upon acceleration, it’s likely that the problem can be traced back to failing spark plugs.

Fuel efficiency changes
MINIs are not only highly sought after for their exceptional performance, but also for their efficiency. Any changes in fuel efficiency should alert the driver that something is off with their car’s functionality and needs to be inspected. Failing spark plugs make the engine work harder, which often leads to heightened fuel consumption.

Reasons for spark plug issues

When spark plugs fail, it’s usually because there’s something else going on with your MINI’s functionality. The reasons for spark plug failure give drivers and auto specialists an avenue for diagnosing other problems that often contribute to the spark plug malfunction. These are the two more typical causes of spark plug problems:

  • Dirty engine oil filled with debris and contaminants
  • Frequently overheating engine


As you might imagine, these two conditions don’t usually occur on their own; therefore, spark plug failure commonly occurs alongside a few other performance and function flaws that need to be addressed to prevent spark plug failure from occurring again in the future. Here at European Auto Service Center, Inc., preventive maintenance is our priority so that we can help our clients avoid serious performance issues like spark plug failure. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we mentioned in this article, please contact us at one of our three locations: Aventura/Miami, and Boca Raton East or West. It is our pleasure to put our expertise with MINI vehicles to good use in helping ensure your safety and an enjoyable driving experience at all times.

* MINI Cars image credit goes to: Aduldej.

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