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How to Effectively Maintain the Air Struts in Your Rolls Royce

Posted on: August 21, 2018

Rolls Royce is a brand that’s known for its high standards of luxury and performance. That’s why staying on top of routine maintenance is essential for the entire life of the vehicle – to promote and uphold the standards of such a high quality brand. If you’ve had the pleasure of driving a Rolls Royce, then you know just how privileged you are; however, you should also know that they’re not immune to part failure or performance problems from time-to-time.

Your Rolls Royce is equipped with an air suspension, which differs from traditional suspension models in several ways. One component that is susceptible to failure in your air suspension is the air struts. The air struts in your Rolls are one of the components that are exposed to the most road impact and shock, and therefore potential damage. In order to keep your Rolls Royce in optimal condition, it’s important to anticipate these issues and attend to them preventively. In this article we’ll go over the importance of the air struts to your overall suspension performance and what you can do when you encounter issues related to the air suspension.

What do air struts do and why are they important?

An air suspension is mainly responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle and all of its components. It is also critical for reducing the amount of friction from the road. The air suspension in your Rolls Royce has a few main components, including the following parts that make it inherently different from the conventional model:

  • Air bags, springs, or “struts”
  • Air compressor or pump
  • Air lines
  • Valves

Air struts are different from traditional struts in that they’re made of a rubber-like material instead of metal springs. With the help of an air compressor/pump pushing air through the air lines, the air valves allow the proper amount of air to fill the air bags/struts until the chassis is raised sufficiently off of the wheels, allowing for optimal vehicle movement.

Why it’s critical to maintain your air suspension

Many different luxury vehicles, especially European luxury cars, are equipped with air suspensions. An air suspension is typically seen as a more efficient version of its counterpart suspension – the traditional model. The air suspension is critical to maintain, as it is part of why the driving experience in your Rolls Royce is so smooth and comfortable. Staying on top of routine maintenance is what keeps your Rolls in excellent condition even when it goes over harsh road conditions and absorbs a lot of road impact. Here are a few benefits of attending to your suspension maintenance:

  • Retains the value of your Rolls Royce
  • Upholds the quality of your driving experience
  • Eliminates unnecessary repair tasks in the future
  • Cuts down on repair bills long-term
  • Promotes brand integrity

The best approach is a preventive one

If you haven’t experienced any troubling symptoms in your air suspension yet, now is the perfect time to perform an inspection. Acting preventively when it comes to suspension maintenance – especially for an air suspension – is important, as it can keep your Rolls performing up to its high standards. The air struts in your Rolls are one of the components that are most vulnerable to premature wear, as they absorb most of the harsh impact from road imperfections. However, when air struts begin to wear they can put added strain on other suspension components, expediting the process of suspension wear overall. This can lead to costly repairs that otherwise could have been avoided all together, or at least prolonged significantly.

Suspension care: how it’s best achieved

There are some maintenance and repair tips you should follow if you drive any luxury vehicle, let alone a Rolls Royce. Here are a few we came up with to help the process go a little smoother:

  • Hire an automotive specialist to attend to your Rolls Royce
  • Use only high quality replacement parts for your suspension components
  • Perform routine, thorough inspections of the suspension parts
  • Stay on top of your maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer
  • Address troublesome symptoms right away

Black 2015 Rolls Royce The Rolls Royce specialists here at European Auto Service Center Inc., are proud to service such unique and amazing vehicles. It is our passion to uphold the integrity of brands such as Rolls Royce, and we proactively attend to vehicle issues with proper anticipation. If you’d like to learn more about our shop’s qualifications or wish to schedule an inspection of your air struts or air suspension, please contact one of our helpful professionals today.

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