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Unparalleled Lamborghini Repair & Service in Aventura

Pushing the limits of what’s possible in a car, Lamborghinis are an investment in performance and luxury that needs to be properly serviced to avoid expensive and extensive repair problems. To help you get the service your car needs without costing an arm and a leg, are the experts at European Automotive Service in Aventura, FL. Our mechanics have over 15 years of experience working with European luxury cars including all models of Lamborghini such as:

Each vehicle comes equipped with unique service needs and our mechanics understand the importance of properly performed maintenance work.

For your vehicle’s overall health and performance quality, we provide cutting edge Lamborghini services including:

All of our services are performed by licensed and certified mechanics with decades of experience working with Lamborghini models and other European vehicles.

More About European Automotive Service

For almost two decades our expert mechanics have made it more convenient for Lamborghini drivers to receive the services they need. We offer the same dealership quality work without the high costs and extended wait times that can make routine maintenance more of a chore and less of a hobby. With an 18 month guarantee on all maintenance and repair work your car will look and feel better with each visit while you can drive with the confidence that your Lamborghini is ready for anything both on the track and on the streets.