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Unbeatable Maserati Service & Repair Shop in Aventura

European Automotive Service in Aventura FL is the area’s number one service center for Maserati maintenance and repair work. Maserati’s are known for their incredible speed and power alongside comfortable interiors that provide one of the most coveted driving experiences ever. Our expert mechanics have decades working with European luxury cars and we know first hand the service requirements for each model Maserati including:

No matter what your model’s unique service plan includes we have the experience and equipment needed to provide your car with the best service in all of Aventura.

Eliminating Common Issues

Any issue with your Maserati should be treated as a big deal and that’s exactly how our team will handle your vehicle. Routine service items are handled with care such as:

We also have the tools needed to perform performance modifications to get your vehicle track-ready in no time if you want to push its’ performance capabilities.

Our comprehensive diagnostic inspection helps us find common issues early on so we can repair them with minimal inconvenience and damage caused to your vehicle. If your car is experiencing any of these problems then it’s time to call one of our service mechanics:

Maintain Your Maserati Easier

European Automotive Service is your convenient source for all things service and repair. With decades of experience and knowledge combined with cutting edge technology, your Maserati will receive the type of service it needs to remain the gold standard for vehicle performance.

Call us today to schedule service for your car with one of our certified technicians or with any further questions regarding specific services for your model.