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Posted on: March 4, 2013

Mercedes Service Boca Raton And Aventura FloridaMercedes Service – is not just a phrase. It is a directive from the manufacturer. If followed on a regular basis – you can keep your Mercedes Benz automobile running like new, peak performance, best gas mileage, lowest cost and virtually no breakdowns in strange places in the middle of the night. Absolutely nothing compares to regular Mercedes Service – and maintenance. It’s the very best thing you can do for your car, your own safety and your wallet.

Ignore Mercedes Service directives however and you will be living with a completely different car. You see, all automobiles run perfectly right off the showroom floor. Every part, every system, everything is new and runs perfectly. There is nothing like the feel of a brand new Mercedes Benz automobile. Driving Heaven!

But, as time goes on, mileage increases and parts start to succumb to wear and tear, things can go wrong if you don’t keep up with your Mercedes Service.

The nice thing about it is the Mercedes and Bosch engineers know exactly what their car can do. They know every part and system in your Mercedes and know when these parts will need service. They even know about what mileage or time frame these parts or systems can start to give out and cause your Mercedes to not work properly.

Mercedes Service Timing Is Critical

That is what Mercedes scheduled maintenance service is all about. The manufacturer gives you set time periods or mileage increments for you to get your Mercedes in for service and inspections of those parts that could be needing repair or replacement, before they break down. Following these procedures at the appointed mileage can keep your Mercedes Benz running like new for countless years.

Trust Your Mercedes Service To An Expert
European Auto Service in Boca Raton and Aventura Florida (FL) is a Bosch Authorized Service Facility who is completely qualified to perform all Mercedes Service, maintenance and repair, to bring them back to factory new condition.

European Auto Service will check each automotive part and system that is called for by Mercedes service specifications, to see if they are still in good working order or need to be serviced or replaced. Even the Mercedes oil change, for synthetic oil, has a recommended schedule of every 5,000 miles, to keep the internal parts of the engine clean and well lubricated for flawless operation.

Don’t Forget To Take Your New Car For Its Mercedes A Service.
The factory scheduled Mercedes A Service is the first major checkup since you purchased your new Mercedes Benz. Your car needs to be inspected to make sure all systems are go and will carry you, without problems, to the next major factory scheduled service, the Mercedes B Service.

As your car gets older and puts on more miles, you will also have the Mercedes C Service and D Service. And of course, in between these major services, you still need to get your Mercedes regular oil change every 5,000 miles.

Please don’t think of these trips to the shop as a hassle or a chore. They are actually saving you and your car from major mechanical malfunctions that could cause major damage, even an accident or a breakdown causing high cost repairs. So please, don’t take this Mercedes Service program lightly. You will be the winner in the end.

European Auto Service, Inc., are Mercedes experts. We know everything there is to know about Mercedes Service, maintenance and repair for every Mercedes model. As a Bosch Authorized Repair Facility with 33 years of experience specializing in Mercedes service, there is simply no other Mercedes auto repair shop in south, central Florida that can compete with our expertise and friendly, respectful customer service. Not to mention, prices lower than the dealership, without the dealership hassle.

And, maybe most important of all, European Auto Service has all the Mercedes factory diagnostic testing equipment and tools to quickly find every problem your Mercedes may be suffering from. I mean the exact same factory diagnostic testing equipment and tools the dealership uses – that pinpoints your Mercedes service problems.

This is not the cheap generic diagnostic equipment that most shops use, that might give you 3 to 5 possibilities of what needs to be repaired – so the mechanics have to spend more time looking for the real problem and you pay more labor and possibly even have parts put on your Mercedes that were not necessary.

But, maybe there is just one more thing that might be more important. Ladies are always treated with the utmost respect at European Auto Service. (OK – Men too.) But you will never see us talk down to any of our customers, or give you the technical jargon run around. We explain everything to you in plain English so you know exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost before performing any Mercedes services on your car. And – no work is done until you approve it.

Call European Auto Service today. Just give us one chance to show you what we can do for your Mercedes Benz and for you. We look forward to meeting you. We service Mercedes for a living and we do it very well.

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