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New car warranty inspection

Get Excellent Warranty Inspection for Your Car in Aventura

New Car Owners Don’t Let This Happen To You!
Why Pay For Repairs When You Can Get It For Free?<strong


Is Your New Car Warranty Still Valid?

If so, read this immediately. It could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but you must act before the warranty runs out.
End-Of-Warranty New Car Inspection

Question #1

Did you ever get a list of known problems with your car from the dealership, unless it was so bad they had to recall? I’ve never seen such a list, have you?


Question #2

Did the manufacturer send you the list just before your car’s warranty expired so they could fix these known problems for you for free? I’ve never had that happen. How about you?

The Solution

Bring your car to us within the last four to six weeks of your warranty period. (Also, check the mileage. You can lose your warranty by miles or months.) We have the list of known problems with your car. We have the list for all cars. If we find something on that list, we will inspect your car to see if you are having the listed problems or are showing signs of the problem, so you can take it to the dealership to have the work done for free.

End of Warranty Inspection Is only $84.95

If the dealership will not do the work free for you, we will do it and subtract the $84.95 fee from the service price.