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Oil Change

Most Trusted Car Oil Change Shop in Aventura

A simple oil change may seem like a basic part of any service appointment but drivers tend to extend the time between oil changes as much as possible. While factory recommendations do differ depending on make and model annual oil changes are still an important part of maintaining your vehicle. European Automotive Service provides drivers in the Aventura, FL area with a safe, dealership alternative to oil changes and other vital maintenance needs for most European makes and models.

Our technicians utilize dealership quality materials and replacement fluids to provide oil changes for the following brands:

All of our repairs are guaranteed to last and each of our services is performed with the latest factory grade tools and equipment. Our comprehensive check engine light service makes sure that we check every potential cause thoroughly including:

The Importance Of Quality Oil Changes

While any service center can use run of the mill materials and perform an oil change quickly and relatively inexpensive it’s important to consider the quality. Fresh oil can add numerous benefits to your engine’s health and car’s overall performance while cheaper oils and filters will wear out and collect dirt and debris much faster. At European Automotive Service our oil changes are designed to help:

We also remove the hassle of disposing of your old oil with the proper recycling methods at no additional cost to you.

Don’t Let Your Car Run Out Of Oil

There are numerous disadvantages to running a car with old oil for any extended period of time but the most notable include:

If you can’t recall the last time you’ve had an oil change or your car is due then schedule your next appointment at European Automotive Service. We have the experienced technicians, materials and equipment needed to make sure that your next oil change has the positive effects that your car should receive with each appointment.