Mercedes-Benz S Class Air Suspension

Reasons Behind Mercedes-Benz S Class Air Suspension Failure in Boca Raton

Posted on: April 30, 2019

The Mercedes-Benz is the picture of utter luxury and impeccable design. Gracing the streets with its unique colors and unforgettable shape, it’s no wonder car enthusiasts everywhere covet the S-Class in particular. The Mercedes-Benz S Class has always been known as the perfect combination of function and luxury. Like most German manufactured vehicles, this car requires specialized care and attention in order to reap the full benefits of its power.

Unfortunately, as high-class is this vehicle is, it still has its fair share of issues, one of those problems being with the air suspension system. In fact, if you hop on any car forum regarding common problems the Benz faces, this is top of the list.

Since this car is so expensive and filled with potential, it makes drivers wonder why the S-class has so many issues. In the article below, we will discuss some of that. If you’re a car enthusiast or a Mercedes owner, you’ll benefit from understanding the inner workings of the suspension system. By getting a firmer grasp on its role, you’ll learn how to spot potential damages and troubleshoot them for optimal performance.

What role does the air suspension play?

When the road gets rough, the air suspension is here to save the day. Designed to protect the car from less than ideal road conditions, this important piece works to keep your car firmly hugging to the road and prevents break down in the event of a pothole or rocky surface. In summation, this important system works as a stabilizer between your Mercedes and the road.

In the Mercedes-Benz S Class, the air suspension system is designed to withstand rough surfaces and unforeseen terrain. However, as durable as this system is, it still undergoes general wear and tear over time, especially if the driver is careless or doesn’t maintain their vehicle.

What are the most common problems with this system?

In order for your air suspension to work, it must be fueled with air. Since it’s comprised of different, more sensitive aspects of the vehicle, air leaks are common when the car is going through some sort of stress.

If you’re experiencing frequent air leaks, there may be a hidden issue with your suspension system that needs to be addressed. Often times, this issue needs to be handled by a skilled mechanic, as it could be quite difficult diagnosing it yourself.

Did you know that your suspension system provides your airbags with air? The air compressor works to keep air in your airbags, ready to protect you should an accident take place. If you begin to notice issues with your air compressor, they may occur due to issues with your suspension system overall. Therefore, it’s best to pay attention to subtle changes in your vehicle. If you notice strange sounds coming from your vehicle, it could be a result of a faulty air compressor. In addition, since this piece works hand-in-hand with your airbags when immediate attention is needed. You would hate to encounter an accident and not have your airbags working properly.

How to Take Care of This Problem

There are several online tutorials that teach readers how to maintain their vehicle. While those are handy for simple fixes like tire and oil changes, they aren’t 100% reliable when it comes to complex systems like your air suspension. Therefore, it’s best to let a trusted mechanic take a look at your system when problems ensue. They’ll assess the condition of your vehicle and determine the best plan of action for your suspension system. During this time, it’s best to keep your car off of the road until a mechanic can look at it. Driving it in its current condition will only put you and others on the road at risk should an accident occur.

How We Can Help

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