BMW Water Pump Repair

Signs of a Faulty Water Pump in Your BMW

Posted on: March 27, 2019

BMWs are high-end, luxury performance vehicles, and they require steady, ongoing servicing and care in order to uphold the standards they’re known for. As a BMW owner, it is essential to find specialized care for your BMW to ensure that it remains in excellent condition as the years pass, maintaining your car’s value, longevity, and performance.

One of the important parts of being a responsible BMW driver is looking out for signs of problems or failures that require repair or servicing. By following your owner’s manual maintenance schedule, you should be able to avoid most part failures and troubling symptoms; however, every car is unique, and every driver is different – meaning, the conditions under which your BMW is exposed to could lead to part issues sooner than anticipated by the manufacturer.

In this article, we’ll highlight the water pump – an essential component for your BMW’s functioning. We’ll go over what happens when your water pump fails, and how you can spot the signs of trouble.

Why is Your BMW’s Water Pump Important?

Your car’s water pump plays a crucial role in its functioning. As you may know, when a car’s engine runs, its temperature rises significantly. In order to prevent overheating and other concerning problems that can affect your BMW’s function, the water pump helps to cool the engine by promoting coolant flow. As you might imagine, when the water pump fails it can lead to concerning problems with your BMW’s performance, making it an especially important part to maintain and replace at the appropriate time.

What You Can Do to Prevent Problems

Under normal circumstances, BMW water pumps should last a long time. If drivers follow their maintenance plan, it is assumed that the water pump should stay in working condition for an extended period; however, under certain circumstances, the water pump can fail sooner than expected. Here are some variables that can affect how quickly your water pump degrades:

  • Vehicle age
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Diligence of ongoing care
  • Driving conditions – heavy traffic, frequent stop-and-go driving, and frequent short trips
  • Other related parts wearing out, such as the water pump seal, drive belts, or impellers
  • Inadequate servicing from non-BMW specialists

Symptoms that Are Cause for Concern

When a water pump begins to fail, it produces certain signs that can help the driver recognize there is a problem. It’s important to remain alert of how your BMW is performing on any given day so that you can follow up on concerning symptoms with immediacy; this gives you the best chance at fixing the problem before it creates a chain reaction of necessary repairs. These are a few of the most common symptoms to be aware of if you suspect water pump failure:

Out-of-the-Ordinary Sounds

As we mentioned before, some of the parts that are associated with the water pump can also begin to fail, either preceding or following water pump problems. One issue that is quite common is drive belt issues, which often produce strange noises as the belt rotates. If you hear a whining sound coming from the engine area, it is time for an inspection of the water pump and associated parts.

Leaking Coolant

Although leaking coolant could be due to several different factors or failing parts, it’s important to first rule-out the water pump. Coolant leaks associated with the water pump are usually due to a faulty seal; however, the water pump itself could be cracked or corroded in areas, leading to leaks as well.

Overheating Issues

Since the water pump is a huge component that is partially responsible for cooling the engine down, it should come as no surprise that another symptom associated with water pump failure is engine overheating. When coolant can’t circulate through the engine properly, the engine temperature climbs and can cause serious damage to the internal components. It’s important to have the water pump inspected before the warmer months of the year in particular to avoid issues.


The Next Steps to Take

The BMW experts here at European Auto Service provide the nearby communities of Aventura/Miami, and Boca Raton East and West with specialized care. Meticulous and personable, our BMW specialists have a knack for German auto repair and help our clients not only repair their cars but also understand how and why certain repairs are necessary. To learn more about our shop or to have any questions answered about your BMW’s water pump, please contact us today.

* BMW Car image credit goes to: ByoungJoo.

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