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The Importance of Rear Springs in a Bentley

Posted on: February 21, 2019

Bentley is a car brand that many people recognize and associate with style, comfort, and class. Of course, like any other car, Bentleys have many components that make the vehicle run, and each component serves an important purpose. The rear springs in a Bentley are one such example. With properly functioning rear springs, the car handles smoothly, the vibrations are limited inside the cab, and the other systems function well.

Your Bentley Suspension

The suspension system in any Bentley is there to smooth out the ride. It is what keeps your car in control and makes for the quintessential quiet and calm ride inside the cabin. It is your suspension system which maximizes friction between your tires and between the road. The same system provides stability to your steering and allows you to handle the car well. The suspension is not only what gives you a comfortable ride, but it limits the impact of different road conditions to the car and to the passengers.

There are several components which comprise the suspension system in a Bentley. The chassis, for starters, is what holds the cab of your car. The springs are what support the weight of the vehicle, absorb any energy from road shocks, and reduce the vibrations felt inside the cabin. The shock absorbers and struts lend a hand in all this. The anti-sway bar shifts as you drive to stabilize your car and the movement of your tires.

Why You Need Springs

That said, in order for your Bentley to maintain the same drivability and comfort as when it was first purchased, you need to ensure your suspension is in good shape. Components like the rear springs can wear out with time and lead to reduced control, reduced stability, and subsequent wear and tear to other components.

It is important to replace worn or insufficient rear springs in order to maintain better control over the movement of your car, ensure consistent braking and handling, prevent your tires from wearing prematurely, and maintain wheel alignment. The springs can help reduce wear on the other vehicle systems and promote balanced brake wear.

Replacement Parts

If there is an issue with your rear springs, you might think about ordering replacement parts and having a dealer complete the repairs. Bentley owners generally fall into a specialized group of tech savvy people who love their cars and take good care of them. And yet, the struts and springs available online are available in many designs, all of which are very similar. If the parts are installed with different internal designs, then the performance and feel of the vehicle will change from its original. Moreover, if only one rear spring is replaced with a different internal design and the other isn’t, it generates an uneven feeling. There are plenty of good companies that remanufacture and sell parts but they might not match the components with the part number in each vehicle. A one-size-fits-all shopping method is insufficient for a Bentley and will decrease performance.

To that end, if you are getting your rear springs replaced, you don’t want to just order any old springs from a cheap website. The exact part number is imperative, as is verifying ordered parts to ensure they provide your Bentley with the precision and comfort required. Our professionals know how to find the precise part, with the same design as the rest of your vehicle. And even if you need only one replacement or repair, we might recommend both rear springs for the aforementioned reasons.

Ask Our Professionals

Our professional service technicians at European Auto Service Center Inc. are uniquely trained on Bentley vehicles alongside other European designs. Each member of our team brings with them years of experience working on cars just like yours. Issues like these can be problematic and costly if not tackled quickly, so come by one of our locations and let us help you diagnose and repair the problem.

Mechanic Checking Bentley Suspension

We have convenient Aventura/Miami, Boca Raton East, and Boca Raton West locations, all dedicated to making sure your car is serviced the way it needs. Whether you are looking for regular maintenance or you need a major repair, we are here to help.

* Bentley Mulsanne image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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