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Tips to Fix the Damaged Plastic Guide Rail in Mercedes

Posted on: January 1, 2019

When it comes to your Mercedes, the plastic guide rail is like a part of your body you don’t pay much attention to… until it gets sick. Then you really notice it and you want it fixed fast! If you’re now having trouble with a part of your car you never really thought about before, the good news is you’re not alone! Most drivers aren’t really sure what a guide rail does, but this little part of your vehicle is actually vital for optimum performance.

What is a Guide Rail?

The guide rail is responsible for regulating your Mercedes’ engine timing chain. In short, the guide rail literally guides the chain into performing the right motions at the right rhythm. It’s an essential piece in the highly engineered Mercedes motor. The downside is that Mercedes uses a plastic material for their guide rails and since that guide rail is frequent contact with the high engine temperatures, it’s kind of a tricky job for a plastic material. Exposure to these temperatures can cause the plastic guide rail to break and crack, which in turn can cause your timing chain to snap.

Because that timing chain is absolutely necessary for your engine to run at the proper speeds, what seems like a simple malfunction with your guide rail can lead to a pretty nasty engine failure. Because your guide rail will always be in a potentially sticky situation, it’s important that you check it frequently and be aware that it’s eventually likely to need a repair.

How to Identify Plastic Guide Rail Failure Symptoms

Some early cues that your guide rail is having problems will include rattling noises and unexpected debris in your Mercedes’ oil pan. If you start to see weird chunks of plastic in the oil pan, it’s a good indicator that your guide rail’s plastic is cracking and falling apart. Though these are automatic tell-tale signs, you should also be on the lookout for any additional suspicious noises. Unexplained rattling, clunking, or cracking around your engine could be a sign of guide rail failure and should be checked out as soon as possible.

So what should you do when you detect these issues? Although guide rail failure can be a serious problem, there’s no need to lose sleep over it because this issue can be solved with just one simple tip!

Let an Expert Assess the Damage

If you were expecting a quick and easy DIY guide for fixing the guide rail yourself, unfortunately this isn’t a part where that is a logical solution. Though there are some car issues which can be solved at home, unless you have a history of mechanical experience with a concentration in finicky European vehicles, there’s not a lot you can do to repair a guide rail on your own. Because replacing a guide rail is an involved, tricky, and messy process, you’re better off leaving the task to people who specialize in just this kind of work.

It’s important to remember that in the case of your Mercedes, an “expert” isn’t just any mechanic at your local auto shop. Without the right training and experience in working with European luxury cars, an average mechanic will be likely to misdiagnose—and mistreat—your Mercedes.

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How We Can Help

Luckily, at European Auto Service Center, you don’t have to worry about that! That’s because taking care of European cars is exactly what we do best. Our mechanics are specially trained in European automotive technology and that training is backed by years of experience in working with Mercedes-Benz models specifically. Though it might look scary to an average mechanic, we know that a damaged guide rail is simply a common Mercedes problem that we can easily fix.

We recognize that the durability of your Mercedes is directly related to the quality of care it receives, and that’s why we’re committed to giving you and your car nothing but the best. With three different locations—in Aventura/Miami, Boca Raton East and Boca Raton West—we’re here to address any problem that arises with your Mercedes. So, if you start hearing suspicious noises from your engine or you’re concerned about the safety of your guide rail, bring your Mercedes in to European Auto Service Center to get the quality care you deserve.

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